Collectable statues are typically released in limited editions, making them a precious investment for collectors. Our limited statues are sold in different scales to accommodate your needs. If you’re a devoted fan of the Marvel universe, the DC universe, or want to commemorate your all-time favourite Disney or anime characters, what better way to do so than to treat yourself to a collectable statue at Sugo Toys.

Explore our wonderful selection of collectable statues
What better way to commemorate your fandom than to invest in a statue of your all-time favourite characters? Make a statement in your living room or personalise your bedroom with our wonderful selection. We can’t think of anything else you’d rather showcase on your shelves to enhance your decor!

So, if you’re looking to take your collection up a notch, explore our high-end collectable statues for various franchises, including (but not limited to):

DC collectable statues — Our DC collectable statues range features a selection of fan favourites from the DC Universe. From Poison Ivy to the Joker; decorate your bedroom with your favourite beloved characters with our DC collectables statues.
Marvel collectable statues — From X-Men to Scarlet Witch, Ghost Rider, Iron Man and Doctor Strange, we have all the Marvel collectables statues you could possibly need to be ready for action!
Anime statue collections — No matter what your favourite anime series or movie may be, our anime statue collection is sure to have colletables that will perfectly suit your collection.
Disney statue collectables — From Lilo & Stitch to the nostalgic classic Toy Story, our Disney statue collectables are the perfect way to share your love for the House of Mouse with your loved ones.
Game of Thrones — With all of your favourite characters in static form, Sugo Toys has the perfect collectables to show your loyalty to the Iron Throne!

Buy collectable statues from Sugo Toys today
At Sugo Toys, our Australian business takes great pride in stocking various high-end collectable brands of action figures for collectors all over the world. Choose from Prime 1 Studio’s DC collectable statues, Queen Studios’ Transformers and Marvel collectable statues, Infinity Studio’s anime statue collection like Naruto, XM Studios’ Marvel and DC collectables statues, Tsume Art and JND Studios.

Enjoy free shipping for orders over $200 Australia-wide and explore our limited edition statues, action figures and movie prop replicas that cater to just about any fandom you care to name. We ship worldwide and offer a price match guarantee to ensure our customers get the best bang for their buck. So why wait? Shop from Sugo Toys for your favourite collectable statues today!

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