Whether you’re after a timeless action and toy figure of your favourite childhood superhero, Star Wars fanatic or looking for the perfect action figure to commemorate your all-time favourite tv shows, films, and anime, Sugo Toys has it all. At Sugo Toys, we understand there’s no greater feeling than finding the perfect action figures to complete your collection.

Discover our exciting range of action and toy figures
Inspired by well-known video games, films, and other pop culture icons, you can explore a huge range of collectable action figures in various scales right here at Sugo Toys. Ideal for perching on top of your bedside table, bookshelf, workstation or entertainment unit, our action and toy figures are the ultimate decor statement to showcase your fandom.

We stock figures across a wide range of licences, including:

Marvel — With a selection of products covering both the comics and the MCU, you’ll find all of your favourite superhero characters right here at Sugo Toys. With high-end collectables for characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man and more, your shelves will always be ready for action!
DC — Leaping straight off the pages of the world’s finest comics, our range of DC collectables features a range of heavy hitters and fan favourites alike from the DC Universe. Whether you’re a Superman fan or brooding Batman enthusiast, you’ll find the perfect figure here in our store.
Star Wars — With a whole galaxy of characters to explore, you’ll never be short of a new Star Wars figure to pick up here at Sugo Toys.
Transformers — ROLL OUT… a new collection for your shelves with our Transformers action figures. With retro reproductions, modern figures and everything in between, you’ll easily be able to form your own army of Autobots or Decepticons.
Anime — There’s no better way to decorate your space than with a high-quality anime action figure. From One Piece to Jujutsu Kaisen and Dragon Ball, you can find both legacy and modern anime figurines in our collection to give your shelf or work desk some added personality.

Whether you’re decorating your living space with your favourite figurines, upgrading to the latest collectables to commemorate new film releases, or acquiring some rarities to add to your expanding collection, Sugo Toys is your one-stop shop for all your action figures.
Shop action and toy figures from Sugo Toys
At Sugo Toys, our Australian business takes great pride in stocking various high-end collectable brands of action figures for collectors worldwide. Choose from Hot Toys’ Marvel or Star Wars figurines to Damtoys’ gangsters and armed forces, the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses of TB League, Three Zero’s Walking Dead and Game of Thrones characters, Blitzway’s tribute figurines of Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix and the Joy Toy range.

With free shipping for orders over $200 Australia-wide, explore our range of limited edition statues and movie prop replicas that cater to all fandoms. We also ship worldwide and offer a price match guarantee to ensure our customers receive the best deal possible. So what are you waiting for? Shop from Sugo Toys for your favourite action figures today!

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