Founded in 2015 with its inaugural model crafting tool, Hsiang officially began its journey as a brand in 2017, transitioning from a hobbyist’s passion to a professional model tool brand. Over the years, Hsiang has focused on the independent research and development of model-making tools, adhering to a product strategy characterized by quality and differentiation. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Hsiang approaches its design and development from the player’s perspective, keenly understanding their needs and directly addressing the pain points encountered in model crafting.

Hsiang has refined its product lineup with a strategy aimed at excellence, holding an extreme dedication to quality and effectiveness. Its recent launches, including cutting, sanding, and specialized modification tools, have been well-received within the model enthusiast community, earning a solid reputation and significant influence in the industry.

Dedicated to lowering the entry barrier for newcomers to model crafting and optimizing the creative experience, Hsiang aims to make the joy of model-making accessible to a broader audience. The brand is committed to introducing more practical and user-friendly tools to its community in the future. Sugo Toys, as an authorized retailer in Australia, is proud to bring Hsiang’s esteemed products to model enthusiasts across the region, ensuring an enriching crafting experience.

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